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10 Ways to Prepare




There is a lot of hype around photo sessions these days and unfortunately sometimes that hype is also associated with some pressure. Luckily, I have 10 things you can do to prepare for your photo shoot that make things go much more smoothly.

Do Your Research

I know, the last thing you need when planning a photo session is more work but hear me out on this one. By doing a little bit of research, you can find out a lot about what exactly you are looking for in a location, type of photos and your overall photo session.

Pick Your Photographer

One of the best ways to pick a photographer is knowing what you are looking for and finding someone whose style matches yours. You can do this by looking through Pinterest boards, researching photographers in your area or asking friends who their favorite photographers are. It is important that your photographer is local or willing to travel, in your price range and has a portfolio that fits the style you are looking for.

Pick a Location

More often than not, your photographer will help you in the process of picking a location but your opinion and suggestions are always very important. If you have a specific location you want to try or a feature you want to include in your photos, talk to your photographer. New locations can be a great opportunity to get unique photos and for your photographer to expand their skills.

Confirm the Date

Much like that date you have schedule with your significant other, your photography session deserves a date confirmation as well. Photo shoots are subject to a variety of mother natures elements and confirming your date is very important. I would recommend setting a date and if it is in a season where the weather is unpredictable, have a back up date that would work for you and your photographer as well. We all know, things happen.

Coordinate Wardrobes

This part of preparing for a photo sessions can be daunting but I have good news, many photographers are willing to help with this process. Making sure your clothes go together but don't match too much can ride a fine line between beautiful and overboard. Picking colors that contrast your location and picking at least two colors for your color scheme are two important components of a wardrobe. If you are nervous or this part of the planning session is causing you stress, reach out to your photographer. Chances are they will be willing to help!

Dress for the Weather

Texas weather can be unpredictable from hot surges to pouring down rain. Make sure you take a quick moment to check the weather (your photographer should as well) and throw what you need in the car just in case. We capture some of the best moments in unexpected weather but being prepared is important too.

Take Meal Time into Consideration

More often than not, photo session are schedule in order to take advantage of the beautiful dusk lighting in the evenings. Unfortunately, this is also dinner time for many families. Make sure you come with full bellies or have snacks for breaks if this time gets anywhere near dinner. Kids and husbands tend to work a little better when they are full!

Come with Ideas of What You Want

Did you see a photo you loved and really want to try it with your family? Keep that in mind and be open in your communication with your photographer. They will try their best to recreate or even add new unique poses that are similar once they have an idea of what you are looking for.

Let Kids Play

This one is key to having a good experience when planning for your photo shoot. Let kids play. While it is helpful to get a couple of shots of the family all together, some of the very best photos with kids come from letting them explore and discover their surroundings while interacting with mom and dad. Too many rules and standing still for too long can lead to major meltdowns.

Remember to Have Fun

You made it to number 10 which means you are almost ready for your photo session. There is just one more thing that will help you prepare, remember to have fun! These photos are meant to capture your family's personalities and quirks. We love helping you preserve these memories and the best way to do that is to enjoy the time you have during this session with your loved ones.