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I don’t know what to wear!?! 

That’s no problem. Promise. I have lots of tips and tricks for dressing yourself and your family.  I also work with a styling service that makes it so easy to dress the entire family.  Links are sent to your email address and you can purchase what you like. I’ll put some outfit options together for everyone and also send you the link with a code so you can shop yourself if you would rather!!  You always have a say!

What if I don’t want to use the styling option can I get a discount?

So the styling is a service offered to clients as a complimentary way to take the pressure off. If you choose to shop for wardrobe on your own that is completely ok, however styling is offered like Chik-fil-A sauce. It makes things taste great but its complimentary. You will still have to pay the same amount for your meal whether you choose to use it or not.

What if the weather is bad? 

I am happy to reschedule sessions if the weather is horrible.  Sometimes bad weather is predicted but by the time of a session things turn out just fine.  This is where you may have to trust me a bit.  I will never shoot if its pouring but sometimes wind is invitetible.  We may have to swap a location in order to get out of the wind but I promise no matter what we will capture images of love and connection.

Do you give digital files?

Yes! I offer 3 packages and each include digital files with permission to print. I also offer an online gallery with access to professional photo labs. The photos are shipped straight to your door.  Quality printing is important to me and I am happy to make recommendations about printing if you need them.  If not that’s cool too.  You do get your digital files. 

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I don’t know how to pose. 

This is totally fine.  All sessions start with standard portraits.  Though I think a good portrait with everyone looking at the camera is important and always take a few, standard smiling at the camera portraits will not be the focus of a session and you won’t see many of them on my social media accounts or on my website.  We will focus on connection instead.  This means you will be free to play, love on, and interact with your family.  If things don’t come natural that’s totally fine too.  I have lots of prompts designed to bring out natural reactions and genuine laughter.  

My husband hates photos.

Most of them do. Not all of them but lots! To me it’s a non issue only because going into a session I have already planned for husbands to not love it when we start. My goal though is for them to love it by the time we are done.  I have found that if we can take off the pressure to perform so many of them walk away saying things like “wow that was actually fun.”  I approach things this way because I want moms to have fun and if everyone else is happy so is mom.

How do I book a session?

It is really easy to book a session.  Fill out the contact form.  After I receive your email I will contact you within 48 hours to pick a date.  Once a date is chosen you will need to pay the $150 deposit to secure your date.  After that the fun begins! We will chat about location and wardrobe and I will be there to help along the way.