There are so many decisions to be made when it comes to family photo shoots. These questions mainly revolve around three words: when, where and why? We all know the why to family sessions is to document this specific moment in time, but what about the other two? When and where are two really big questions. While I offered a couple of suggestions on picking the best location for your family last week, I am here today to shed light on another secret of mine! I am asked a lot about what the best season is to have a family photo shoot and in my opinion, the proof is in the pudding! Take a look at these family photo sessions to decide for yourself!

I'll be honest, the best time to book a family photo session is in the summer! Are you surprised? I know a lot of people vote for fall and the leaves are beautiful during this time but there is something to be said for those lively green leaves too! This summer provided me the perfect opportunity to take advantage of beautiful settings full of lush green meadows with wild flowers and pops of natural color. We were also able to enjoy many water features that sometimes get a little too chilly to enjoy later in the fall season. Not to mention, Amarillo has some beautiful red sandstone that looks gorgeous against a summer setting!

A plus to scheduling a family photo shoot in the summer also is that schedules tend to be a little more flexible. The kids are out of school which usually means there are fewer activities pulling parents in all directions. Summer evenings offer immeasurably beautiful light that curves around the bright green leaves. There is no better way to end the day than to be together as a family documenting how wonderful and beautiful you all are!