Showing up at a photo session can be intimidating for everyone involved but unposed photos help capture who you really are! I have five reasons why unposed photos often end up being better than posed photos.

The first benefit of capturing unposed photos is I get natural smiles and am able to take advantage of the best lighting angles. Sometimes posed photos fall flat or smiles seem forced but with unposed photos, I am able to capture both in their natural element!

Another reason unposed photos can be better than posed ones is I can make sure your wardrobe and location are on point. The way your clothes move with the location you are in is sometimes hard to capture when clients are standing still. Luckily, when you are moving and unposed, I am able to take photos that have movement and life in them!

The third reason unposed photos can be better than posed ones is because my goal is to capture joy. I love being able to take photos that show the way someones wrinkles show on their nose when they smile or the way their mouth curves around sweet words they are sharing with their children. I like these kinds of photos because they allow you to be present and enjoy the company of your children without the pressure of having to pose at all times.

Number four and five go together in my opinion. Number four is unposed photos allow dads to be dads. Sometimes I have grumpy dads who didn't schedule the photo shoot or maybe don't like to have their picture taken. By taking unposed photos, I get to observe playful dads without the expectation of having them always trying to pose or smile at the camera. Finally number five is letting kids play. I enjoy watching dads and children play together and bring out the best in each other. I love when moms make their little ones giggle and can't help but capture the little smiles that light up a photo! See these unposed photos for yourself to see what I mean!