What are some of the first things you think about when planning to go to your family photo shoot? What are we going to wear, how should we pose and what can I do to make it a great photo shoot are the top three I have heard from my clients. As your photographer, I am here to help with the things that may be causing a little bit of photo shoot anxiety.

It can be an intimidating job trying to pick the "perfect" outfits that all match but don't match too much. I try to take some of the pressure off and supply outfit options for families to choose from so they don't have to worry about that part of the planning process! Hayley contacted me about doing a photo shoot and that is exactly what we did. We worked together to choose great outfit options for her cute family of three.

Another thing some of my clients think about or overthink is about poses. My advice to those clients is first to research or make notes about what specific things you like but then to stop. I try my best during photo sessions to guide you through the location and pick spots that have great lighting and accommodate natural interaction between you and your family. It is great to have posed family photos but I also like photos that are unposed that expose your raw relationships with each other.

Finally, you have done a lot! You took the time to not only book a photo shoot and show up but you helped get everyone ready on top of having to get ready yourself. The best thing to do now is enjoy it. You are paying me to capture these amazing moments and the very best thing you can do is have fun. If you are having fun, there is a better chance that each member of your family will follow suit. Check out these photos of Hayley and her sweet family. They did an amazing job and we worked through some crankiness but boy were the photos worth it!