I could not have been happier with how this wildflower session turned out with Cindy! She brought her three wonderful puppies and we had so much fun together! Photo sessions with dogs can sometimes be tricky but we have five tips that will help make the session go great!

Our first tip when planning to bring your furry family to a photo shoot is to plan time before the session begins for them to play outside. This time will be for them to wander and explore but also so they get some of their energy out. Dogs that have been in the house all day or those that haven't had very much experience in new places may need a little extra time before they are ready for a photo session.

The second tip for a great photo shoot with your pets is to make sure they know and follow at least a couple commands. New places are always exciting with a lot of different things to explore but making sure your dogs can follow a few commands or keeping them on a leash is key. While we want them to be comfortable, photos of you running after your pets aren't photos most people want to hang in their living rooms.

Third, bring treats or toys they enjoy. There is nothing like a little bribery when it comes to being able to capture those sweet moments with your pets. Having a little something they enjoy may help take some of the edge off of a new place and make them stay close to you.

The fourth tip we have is to let them run around and enjoy the location. We want you to interact with them and have real moments with them. They are at this photo session because they are part of the family and your companions, so we want to be able to capture that bond.

Finally, it is important for you to have fun too. Bringing your pets to a photo session can be a little more pressure than coming alone just because there are more moving parts to keep track of. Don't worry. If you followed our first three tips and trust your furry friends, just come and relax. Cindy was a wonderful example of exactly what to do! It was so much fun watching her enjoy their company. She has such a free spirit and love for animals. I was thrilled we were able to freeze time with these photos of the four of them!