Motherhood is amazing to me. I am astounded at the sacrifice and beauty of mothers. I was thrilled when Cheyenne reached out to me to book a session! We did this photo session very close to Mother’s day and it could not have been more perfectly planned. Cheyenne was expecting a little boy and wanted to document this time in her life and her relationship with her daughter and soon to be big sister. Their relationship was so special. I loved watching how the bond that already had years of cultivation and dedication offered so much care and tenderness right in front of me. I was able to see their need for each other and the love that would only grow stronger over the coming years.

It was exciting to see such a great relationship between a mother and her daughter. It gave me so much hope for this little boy to enter the world and have so much love and beauty surround him.

I was also thrilled to be using one of the newer venues here in Texas! This photo session was at Hugo's on the Square in Canyon, Texas. The details in this venue are wonderful! Each area had a different vocal point that isn't too loud and overpowering but created dimension for my photos. I also couldn't get over how great the light was in this venue! Interior lighting can be difficult sometimes to work with but I fell in love with the beautiful fixtures and the way they cast light and shadows in all the right places.

It is my hope that these photos will give Cheyenne and her family wonderful memories to look back on and I am so excited for them to welcome a new baby boy into the world.