Whether you have one child or many, each pregnancy has its own wonderful and miraculous characteristics that make it as unique and individual as the little one inside. Liz decided to just focus on the relationship between her and her growing baby for this maternity shoot and I was thrilled! I enjoy observing the connection between mothers and their grown children they have yet to meet. I find motherhood to be such a blessing and privilege. Having the opportunity to photograph soon to be mothers and current mothers is always worthwhile for me.

My goal for this photo session was to help Liz feel like a goddess at this precious time in her life. Her purple lace maternity dress was dynamite in this location. I found this field of wildflowers while scouting for locations and knew I had to share it with my clients. Liz was amazing as she glided through the wildflowers and as the sun hit all the right places through the trees. We decided to do more traditional poses for this session and really focus on her connection and her excitement about having another child. Traditional maternity poses can be hard for some of my clients because they often come without much direction. I try to take photos of raw emotion and have clients embody their emotions more fully that in everyday life. Again, Liz was wonderful at this. She seamlessly transitioned from one pose to another and I could tell she was in awe of not only this beautiful gift but in awe of her body's ability to create this little baby.

Each type of photo shoot I do comes with its own set of rewards and benefits but maternity sessions are especially magical. I enjoyed each moment I had with Liz and am grateful for the opportunity to document such a wonderful moment in this family's story.