There are about a million different settings and locations to choose from when it come to your lifestyle photo session with me. I am flexible and open to suggestions and love to go to new places and explore the unknown. I do have a few tips on how to choose that special location to help those clients who may not know where to begin.

First, do you have a vision for your photos? Some clients come to me knowing exactly what they want out of their photo shoot but others just want this time in their lives documented and the location comes secondary in importance. In these cases I like to provide a variety of different locations and start creating the vision and work directly with my client’s personalities to make sure it is a good fit!

Second, is there something in particular you want to do with your photos. Clients have a range of intended uses for their photos and I fully recognize they need to be usable for different occasions. However, there is usually a main desire to get these photos taken. Whether this session was booked for Christmas cards or engagement invitations or it is just to fill the beautiful frame you purchased years ago, I like to know your expectations and make sure I know how my clients want the session to feel.

Finally, what do you enjoy? Is nature a main part of your lifestyle or are you more comfortable in the city. Are you looking for abstract photos or wanting something natural with the ability to display many different backgrounds? It is very important to make sure all the different components of a photo are working together whether it is the wardrobe or the color choices, everything should work together!

Answering some of these questions may help you uncover some of your expectations for your family lifestyle session. It is my hope that when we work together, you will share your expectations with me and let me create a lifestyle session that captures who you are and stops time for a couple moments. That is my goal. To make this everything you want and more out of a photo session.