After a milestone birthday, this sweet family wanted to freeze time for a moment with this photo shoot and that is exactly what we did. I often talk to clients and they have what seems like a memory card full of candid photos of their kids that are an attempt to capture every moment. I love this and I am the same way. i try my best however to create photos that allow for a little bit different freeze frame of time. Unlike many of those phone camera photos, these have everyone in them. Often someone gets left out as the photographer or we focus on one child because they are doing something adorable but I love planned sessions because they freeze each member of the family together and individually at that moment.

I was so impressed by how flexible Britney and her family were as we worked through the wind and one of the most humid days of the year! Sometimes scheduling a photo shoot in advance has its hiccups and the weather and I have a love hate relationship because of that. Storms roll in and I am always pleasantly surprised how well my clients do at either rescheduling or braving the storm. In this case, we braved the storm and made the best of the day we had scheduled. I think it was worth it. These cute little ones were able to play with each other and the love between them was beautiful. The dependence children have on their family always stands out in photo sessions like these. Their bright, curious eyes look up to their siblings and especially their parents as love for them spills into each of their hearts. I was so happy I had the opportunity to photograph this cute family and I hope this provides them with documentation of this time in their lives. What a sweet time it is.