Is there anything better than newborn photos? I don’t think so. These in home newborn photos were a blast to take. I like newborn photo shoots because there is no shortage of warmth and love surrounding this new little one. Megan picked up my business card several years ago at the fair. When it was time for newborn photos she contacted me and told me she had been following for a long time! I was so grateful for Megan and her patience and timing on this photo shoot. She contacted me many months in advance to make sure we could get photos of brand new little one that was on the way. Of course I ensured her we would make it work and I am thrilled we did.

Everything is new when it comes to having a newborn in the house. From the way they smell to their ever changing features, newborn photo shoots are amazing because they have elements of magic and miracles in each frame. Mom and dad were doing great with this transition and you could see that each moment was a learning experience and a welcomed one. Through my communication with Megan, I got to know a little bit about her story and from traveling to cosmic meetings, it seemed like her relationship also had those same wonderful elements of magic and miracles. It is so fun for me to learn about people’s stories and get to know them as I take photos. Knowing their story helps me paint a picture of who they and what life is like in those moments I share with them. This little guy has only begun his story but I am beyond thrilled to know that they will have these photos to document where it started when he entered this world. He was cared for and planned for. Overall, it was overwhelming just how loved he was from the very first moments.