Fall is always a hot time in my world and not because of the temperature. It is always hot because it seems everyone wants at least one family photo session during this season and I don’t blame them because it is a beautiful time of year. The light during the fall season is warm and vibrant. It lights even the darkest shadows or even those green leaves that haven’t quite turned color yet. Brittney and her sweet family scheduled this fall session on a great night to capture this light.

Family sessions always provide ample entertainment and ease as I watch little ones interact with each other and their parents. Big sister was so great getting her little brother to laugh and look at the camera when we needed him to. She fills her role as big sister so well! I also loved being able to photograph just how she fit into dads lap and how her little brother was so comfortable hanging out on mom’s hip. These little things are what bring me joy as a photographer. I can pick up on the habits and capture them as still memories and even get proof that fine baby hair blows perfectly with a crisp fall breeze.

There was no shortage of laughter and play in this photo session. I enjoy session like that. Parenthood is magical, it just is. This cute mama displayed just how wonderful motherhood can be and what a gift it is. Her small children looked to her throughout our whole session for guidance, for inspiration and for help. That is what motherhood is all about. Providing what children need is a hard job but these parents do it so well. I can't express how happy I was to capture this age for the little ones and this stage of life for all four of them.