I have people contact me for a variety of reason when they want to schedule a photo session but they all have one thing in common, life transitions. This cute family contacted me for their family photos on their family ranch and I was so excited to be able to take photos in a place that means so much to them. I was also beyond thrilled that because of the spring rain we received, we had an unusual and wonderful amount of wildflowers that we took advantage of during this photo session. Seasons are important to take note of when booking a photo session and having a vision for how you want these photos to turn out. Last spring was perfect for this one.

This location was new for me as it was owned by my clients family but I had so much fun exploring it with them. Being able to watch them move from location to location spoke volumes to who they are and their lifestyle on the ranch. The responsibility of owning and maintaining a ranch molds a person and brings out pride in what they have created. I saw this pride beam from Annie and her husband not just because of the ranch they had cultivated and grown however. Pride also beamed from both of them because of the two children they had also cultivated and grown. With their oldest off to college this year, I had the opportunity to take some one on one shots of both her and her brother. This is a big transition for a family of four and I think it will be an exciting one filled with wonderful things in the future. Transitions can be hard and they can introduce a vast variety of new experiences but being able to capture how things are now, before the shift is also wonderful and important.