Have you ever been inspired by someone from the very first moment you meet them? It's like being introduced to someone who had it "all figured out" in all the areas I had aspired to. That was how I felt about Kendra. Kendra is a boss babe, extraordinaire who owns a mosaic business here in Amarillo. She wears many different hats as a strong independent woman and in addition to running a multifaceted business, she is also a wife and mother to two extremely cute boys. I was so excited to work with her and her family for their fall photo shoot.

We met for our session on a perfect fall evening as the sun was hitting all the right angles against the trees and beautiful golden leaves. Palo Duro Canyon has so much to offer during a photo shoot. I like taking photos here because it offers so much variety and looks fantastic with numerous different wardrobe selections. During our session, we were able to explore and weave our way through the Canyon capturing red sands and trees that were just shedding their yellow leaves.

I was so impressed with this cute family of four. They had so much fun together and the boys were intent on discovering all that this location had to offer. Kendra was so positive and encouraging throughout our whole interaction as she guided her family to each new photo spot I had laid out for them. Her two boys played together and were always finding something new to pick up and investigate while Kendra and her husband were able to take a couple of quick shots alone. I love when all the elements perfectly align and the best colors are represented in not only the location but through wardrobe choices and the warm personalities of my clients.