When two people come together, sometimes is is like worlds collide and create the perfect mixture. That is how this engagement session was in my opinion. Whitney and I chose this location based on a western farmhouse style of decor. We made this session one that could be easily displayed at events or in the comfort of their own home that complemented surrounding decorating. We decided that neutral was the best way to go but made sure that didn’t mean boring. Sometimes I say “neutral” colors and I see a little bit of disappointment in that word. I was not disappointed. From the cowboy hat to her splash of glam and sequins, this photo shoot was anything but boring. Their personalities were excellently executed in their wardrobes and I was thrilled with how the light captured a little bit of each feature they brought to the table.

We stepped a little outside of the box for this photo session and hiked to multiple different locations in this area. They were so good about working with me on different poses and trying a variety of new things. I was thrilled and so impressed that these two were so sweet and attentive to each other during our entire photo shoot. I guess I shouldn't expect anything different from an engagement session but I could honestly feel the love in their actions. It was amazing. I was also able to get intimate photos and photos that displayed their true relationship as if there was no camera present at all. I like those kinds of photo sessions. I love being able to sometimes guide but sometimes just sit back and observe at they paint this picture of their relationship through my photos. I was even able to try a couple new editing techniques for this photo session because I was just so inspired.