Have you had the time to take a look at these photos? Did you fall in love with her hair. Ya, me too. Jessika is actually my hairdresser and has an amazing personality to boot. For this session, I worked with Jessika and her family to pick the location and the wardrobe selections to build a photo that showed who they are as a family.

We chose downtown Amarillo and planned their wardrobe to pop against the neutral back drop of these seasoned buildings. Boy did this turn out to be the perfect combination of elements. As a photographer that works with my clients to coordinate locations and wardrobes, I seem to be able to take a little bit of the pressure off of my clients. I love being able to tell them what has worked in the past or what would be a new twist to create these photos that will last forever.

I loved being able to capture some of the texture in the background of these photos that added just enough to make these three shine and stand out as bold, energy filled individuals. Working with families is so much fun. While taking photos of little ones often requires a little more improvisation, these photo session allow me to take a snap shot of their growing and developing personalities along with how much love and inspiration they draw from their parents. These three had such a wonderful and powerful connection with each other and watching the relationship between this little girl and her loving parents was beautiful. Sometimes I think of how lucky I am to capture these moments and I have to often take a step back. I am pretty lucky to be surrounded by people who want to document their love for each other and I am grateful I am the person who gets to do that for them.