Occasionally I will have clients that come to me and don’t really have a vision for their photos. They want photos taken and they know they of course want them to look good but other than that, they refer to me for the artistic creation of the perfect photo. Bailey was not that client. I was so impressed because she knew that she wanted to have the engagement session at River Falls Wildlife Refuge and had a dress already ordered. She had a vision. It was wonderful to see her personality shine through and jump out of each photo! The color she chose for her dress combined with her fiances wardrobe was brilliant against the foliage of this wildlife refuge.

Color theory is one aspect of photography that not all clients are aware I even think of. However it is a key element in choosing locations and creating an all inclusive piece of art. My goal as a photographer is to make these photos artistic pieces that show life and love. Simply put, I want these photos to be ones you live in and can escape to.

Having your photo taken can be awkward. I always encourage my clients to relax and act natural but often times it is easier said than done. Again, these two were not those clients. It was wonderful watching laughter fill this refuge and I was thrilled to be able to capture these two in raw elements, deeply in love. Of course love is one of the primary emotions in an engagement session and that was definitely the case here. Each photo and each move we made seemed to build upon the last photo and become more and more of story as opposed to flat photographs. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for these two and am thrilled I had the opportunity to capture life in these wonderful moments.