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I always find the creative process interesting, intriguing, and fairly often confusing. I thought I would let you in on some of the things I am currently dreaming about. Maybe you’ll find it interesting. Maybe just weird. That’s ok too. I happen to really enjoy weird people, so here it is.

I am inquisitive by nature, quiet, and my mind makes constant observations. I ask people lots of questions, which I often fear may be seen as nosey or intrusive. Sometimes I wonder if my questions come off wrong. The fact is however I simply can’t stop them. They constantly come. In waves. In droves. In flocks. Searching for something to admire. You see, I feel that compliments are just as important as questions.

I have recently had an obsession with bunches of things; flocks, groups, colonies. I notice them everywhere. Sometimes while driving and witnessing a flock of birds in flight I feel as if I should pull over simply to stare. Butterflies, but only when they are together. Ladybugs and that they are never alone. I notice the shape of the clouds and how many there are. I am always looking for repetitive patterns. For instance, have you noticed how the trees line up perfectly straight in the middle of a forrest? And it takes not one, but many to create the pattern.

Even the words used to describe flocks of things intrigue me. Did you know that a group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope? A bunch of lady bugs is a loveliness? A group of jelly fish is a bloom? A group of trees a stand?

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A few more things I am currently dreaming about:

Summer days, warm sunshine, no schedule

More adventures


The color green… emerald

Cloudy skies and the color of the sky, and how the blue changes from day to day

Rain, good gosh I miss the rain

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Our perfect little used camper with the comfy bed, it smells of bacon and fresh air in the mornings, and it feels safe and slow.

Mountains, my mind always wanders to the mountains

Love stories, and great movies, plots and characters

Film grain and free lensing



Change - huge mindset shift and change on the horizon