I must admit fall is a bit more my speed, but if I am being super truthful Amarillo summers provide gorgeous photo opportunities. For this session we snuck off to the greenest spot I could find and it made for possibly my favorite session of all time. It helped that these two girls are natural explorers so the session was complete with tree climbing and bug catching. (not their favorite but still they were curious) I adore the families I have the opportunity to photograph and consistently tell my husband that I truly have the absolute BEST clients ever.

I tell people all the time that a photography business is not something I had planned. But I am forever grateful that I get to live out my passion. I have been doing a tremendous amount of work on self discipline, worth, and growth. Listening to every podcast, audio book, and all the educational content I can soak in. There are somethings about my job that are hard but I am seeing the hard things pay off, not only in myself but also in my family. Learning to do the hard thing and to keep pressing in has been the biggest challenge. If you are not currently living in your passion, even if your passion includes things that may not be your favorite, I encourage you to dig deep and find the thing that fuels you.

My favorite thing will always be photographing families. Showing clients the in between moments and glimpses of time you can never get back lights my fire.