Motherhood often feels like whirlwind. Some days you are so sure of what you’re doing nothing can stop you, and others leave you feeling like you can’t get it right. Doubt often creeps in and you feel unequipped for the job laid before you. The truth is you have been equipped for your job as a mother since before your littles were even a thought in your mind. Sometimes it takes a good friend with a different outlook, your own mother, or reassurance from your partner to make the navigating easier. I have found here lately that taking some time for self care without the guilt is sometimes what it takes. This year I have three days a week while my children are in school to really focus on my art. It has made me more reflective of what I want my motherhood role to look like. This in turn has left my creative mind more open to photographs I want to capture for other mothers. I have found that bouncing back and forth between right brained motherhood and left brained art can cause a lot of chaos in my mind. The quiet days with my littles at school have been a good reset. It also makes me able to focus better on my children when they come home. I am learning that we are never quite done learning, but I am thankful for the growth. Every step in motherhood and life draws me closer to creating the kind of art I want to provide for families. This is one of my favorite sessions of the summer. A motherhood session for a family whose daddy is deployed. They are so inspiring to me both in their marriage and as a family. They have boldness in their faith and in their waiting and I am so thankful to know them.

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