It's no secret that as a photographer I am not necessarily concerned with perfection.  I don't always capture faces.  My photographic composition is not always technically perfect. But the thing is, I was built to be curious.  Naturally I stare more often than is probably acceptable.  I stare at people and find their beauty.  I stare at landscapes in awe of our Creator.  I stare at pretty light and dream of your people standing there.  I see beauty in every emotion, and long to press in to that.  I linger longer than some on how things feel.  I am addicted to joy and spend my days chasing how to constantly tap into it. 

Amarillo Family photographer

I am here to capture stories that already exist.  I understand that singular jaw dropping photos are treasures, but stories, that is where my heart lives.  You see we don't live in singular moments.  It takes a whole lot of moments to produce the story.  I want you to have all of that.  To look back on your albums and remember that newborn smell, that tiny little hand in yours, and the love it took to get you to where you are.

Amarillo family photographer

The beautiful thing is that you get to decide what your memories look like.  Are you interested in seeing a snapshot of perfection or the whole story?  I know you realize that life is messy.  Why not embrace the windswept hair, and the dirty feet.  Joy comes in freedom.  I have found that when  letting families be themselves joy ALWAYS shows up.  I encourage you to not only find happiness in perfection but to also search for it amid the mess. 

Amarillo Family Photographer
Amarillo Family Photographer