When journaling about inspiration something that continually comes up is travel. I left home at 17 and my curiosity about people, cultures, and places has been on fire ever since. When I met my husband who is a saddle maker I had no idea that could even be a profession. I had never seen a tumbleweed. I had never even been on a plane. Throughout our relationship some of our very best memories have always been trips we have taken. We have tried to carry this love of travel into our family activities as well. Whenever time and budget allow you will find us seeking new places to experience. Our kiddos are always excited when we tell them its time to go camping, and we have found some wonderful hidden gems fairly close to us and others not so close but totally worth the drive.

It has always been part of my business plan to eventually offer travel sessions. Using different scenery and landscapes keeps me interested. The light is always different depending on location and harnessing that is so exciting! So here I am putting it out in the Universe that travel sessions are on my agenda for 2019. I have a few places planned already but will announce those as they get a bit closer. Also if you are interested in a session with me and aren’t local, just reach out! We can work out the details. If you are local to Amarillo and would like to travel somewhere else that can definitely be arranged! Don’t be shy! If there is somewhere special you would like me to come and I can book at least three sessions there will be no travel fee.