I am always amazed by the ways I meet people. Sometimes I have to pinch myself back to reality that photography is my full time job. I was fortunate enough to meet Lindsey through a mutual friend. Her story and her personality are magnetic. We were able to take their engagement photos, as well as bridals and the wedding all in the same location. There are so many hidden gem locations around Amarillo. I love the personal touch a location can give to photographs. New locations keep me inspired and I am hoping to travel more in the coming year.

I asked Lindsey if she would share a bit of her story. I am in a place where I really want to be able to share the fact that your story matters. You are a culmination of your life events, unique to you and so very valuable to share with others. For a the past couple of years I have been struggling to find the value in my own story. Because of the amazing clients I have and their own willingness to share it has given me the courage to really see the value in my own journey. People are truly amazing and I hope that if you aren’t currently able to find the value in your story that you eventually will be able to see in yourself what others find so easily.

From Lindsey:

Life doesn’t always goes as planned. I graduated from a small town, determined to go beyond those city limits and challenge myself. I had EVERYTHING planned. I joined the Army, deployed to Iraq, got married, had a husband who was severely injured, got divorced, learned to deal with PTSD and depression, earned a Masters, finished law school and started a career that led to me co-owning my own law firm. Whew! Lots of challenges. Lots of wins. And lots of losses.  DEFINITELY not all was planned. But all that led me back home. 

Running into my crush (since I was little) - led me to love after three days working cows with my brother. After realizing it was more than just a little something, I moved back to the Panhandle and realized this was the biggest win. This was the fairy tale every girl dreams of. ❤️