It’s no secret lifestyle sessions have my heart.  I feel pretty strongly about keeping it real.  Of course we always get a standard family portrait but it is not the focus of the session.  Real emotion is the absolute best.  Moms worry less. Dads are happy, and the kiddos, well, we most certainly have fun.  

If you want to adventure I am up for that too! Travel lights my fire.  You want to hike a mountain? I’m there! You want to go to the place that made you happiest as a child? Im game! Horses, cows, chickens, pigs? No sweat! Apple picking, exploring wildflowers, canyons and sunsets? Let’s do it!  

Even if you want to remember family game night or cooking a meal together I'm ready for that too! Sunday breakfast, football in the back yard.  Whatever makes your heart beat a little faster I would love to capture that for you. 

Amarillo Family Photographer