Do you ever meet someone and instantly feel like you have known them a long time.  Even without knowing much about them you feel comfortable.  You can just tell they are innately good.  That is how I felt when I met Haley a couple years ago.  

I am an essential oil lover and happened to need some emergency oils for my hubby when he was sick.  Many of you may not know but before I was a family photographer I was a teacher.  I actually taught Haley's little sister.  Any how her mom recommended picking some oils up from Haley.  She is also an amazing massage therapist. She offers some amazing specialty treatments I haven't found anywhere else! 

She and Justin both exude this sort of easy, positive energy you don't find often.  I was lucky enough to capture her family last year when the youngest was just an itty bitty.  We decided to do it again this year but a little bit different.  Being an Amarillo photographer  can be challenging at times because of location.  But I love when families are willing to get out and are willing explore and be themselves.  

Haley and Justin I hope I did justice to your story! I loved looking back on every single image and I hope you will too!