Your personal story is so important.  My job as an Amarillo photographer is to preserve the things you see in feel in still life for generations to come.  I asked Kayli to share a bit of her story because it matters.  Where you come from, how you feel about your people, what you want to show them and reminisce about when they are older.  It all matters.

From Kayli~

To my biggest blessings,

When I was younger, I started writing list of specific things I wanted in my husband one day. I mean, I was in 8th grade! What does an 8th grader know about marriage?- absolutely NOTHING! Fast forward, one year later…..I met my future husband at an FFA convention.  I met this guy in the middle of the hallway of our hotel with a few of his friends. A few weeks before I had met his twin brother, Bobby. I made friends with him first but then I met Adam…wow. I was smitten with him from the first time I met him. Now, I don’t believe in soul mates because some people could have more than one.  Unforeseen things happen in one’s life.  But I do believe in the right person. This was the start of our story- our beautiful story and it was a blank canvas.

Adam is the most loyal, kind, patient and loving man anyone will ever meet. He is the most hard working too. I mean really hard working….sometimes he use to tell me that he was too busy driving the tractor to hang out with me….(we were just friends then) but really he had a girlfriend. It’s really funny now when we talk about it because he knows it’s true but God was still working on him and he wasn’t ready for me yet.

And so it began……

Adam- you are my best friend, my greatest treasure, my rock and constant encourager. You make me see both sides of everything before I act or say anything. I am so thankful for you for not only your great qualities,  but also that you bring out the best in me. You bring out qualities I never knew I had. Before you, I never would have moved across the country, drove through a blizzard, etc…you get it (my dad may be reading this and you know he worries. :) ) We have lived so much life together in almost 5 years and 14 years of friendship. We spent so many nights praying, crying (well just me) and dreaming what our life would be like in 5 years. I never thought I could love you more until the day we found out we were pregnant. What an exciting and scary day for us! My love grew for you that day.  

Duke- my sweet boy. We had a scare with you. We were told you were not a viable pregnancy- we were scared and sad. We prayed for you. I prayed for comfort and it came in the form of morning sickness! I knew you were fine, it was my sign. It was necessary evil and I am thankful for it now. 

You were named Duke for a reason- it means leader. From the time we found out you were a boy, we prayed over you that you would LEAD people to Christ. You would be a leader in EVERYTHING you do. This is my constant prayer for you everyday. You have the sweetest spirit and boyish tendencies. You love dirt, balls, John Deere tractors, working on your truck with dad, anything outside and helping me cook. You make my world better. You are a handful but I have a heart big enough for that, and God knew it! I am so thankful he chose me to be your momma. You are daddy’s mini me and I couldn’t be prouder. I pray you are just like your daddy. My continued prayer is that you will continue to be a leader always and forever my Duke. 

Brighton Kate- You were a surprise but what a sweet joy that July! We prayed over you from the moment we knew you were there and even more specific after your gender reveal! My prayer for you since day one is that you would be a BRIGHT light in this dark world. I have prayed for the Lord to give you a sweet, happy spirit. You are exactly that my baby girl. You are only 7 months old but we see your personality shining through. We prayed for this and we will continue to pray for this. You have a happy heart and I pray your sprinkle it everywhere you go! I love you my sweet girl. 

I promise that if you are battling something in your life, I will be battling on my knees for you. I love you and will continue to love you. I never knew a love like this until I had you both. I never knew how much I could love your dad, until the two of you. You are half of dad and half of me. Our legacy, our fruits; fruits we want to pour into, encourage and give back to the Lord. You are my daily prayer, my biggest worry and the best part of my day.

Adam, do you see what we have built together? What the Lord blessed us with and trusted us with? Looking back our freshmen year of high school and meeting you in the hallway….what If I would of known what was in store for us? 

We are blessed. You have blessed me! The Lord has blessed us. I am thankful for this season of our life. This is a hard season years we will never get back. I love you forever and always. We started with a blank canvas but goodness has it been painted with blessings, heart aches and triumphs. This life is incomplete without my better half and partner. I am thankful for you.  I would choose you again, babe and I will keep choosing you!

Always and forever

Kayli (mom)

Teala Ward is an Amarillo Photographer specializing in emotive family portraiture.